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GeeksLink Provides assistance to wide range of IT, Hardware and Software to keep your business running smoothly.

Virus & Malware Removal

Ensuring safe, secure and functioning workstations and servers, free of malicious software, should be vital to any business or organization. Achieving this goal is essential for both data security and productivity.

System Tune-Ups

Basic preventative maintenance to workstations and servers ensure a fast, efficient and productive work environment.

Email Management

Email issues are not always simple. We can assist with any email issue, from basic setup to advanced troubleshooting of your email server. We’ll ensure that email is working properly for your entire team.

Office Networking

Your office network is the backbone of your technical infrastructure. It is vital for you and your team to be able to connect to servers, other systems and the internet.

Office Internet Connectivity

It is critical for your company to have a working internet connection. If an outage does occur, we’ll be here to communicate directly with your ISP. This saves you the hassle of handling this situation yourself.

Apple Mac OS

Mac OS is the best choice for some businesses and organizations. We fully support Mac OS X 10.5 or newer, along with commonly used Apple software products.

Smartphones & Tablets

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more prevalent in the workplace as a valid means of accomplishing job-related duties. It’s essential to have a tech team familiar with different mobile devices and operating systems.

Program Errors & Crashes

Your organization depends on productivity and the ability for required work to be completed. When software isn’t working properly, neither are your employees. Resolving software issues quickly keeps things running smoothly.

Windows Workstations

Windows is the most commonly used operating system for office workstations. We support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10; including the professional versions.

Business Data Backup

Your organization’s data is the core of many important functions. Utilizing encrypted cloud data backup is the fast, efficient, secure and reliable way to back up your entire company’s data. This fact is true for both workstations and servers.

Printers & Multifunctions

Printing, scanning and faxing are common tasks in many office environments. As such, it’s important that any printers, and related devices, are properly set up and configured so that they operate in an optimal manner.

Technical Liaison

It’s not uncommon for organizations to have relationships with many different hardware and software providers. When support is required, we’ll be there to work directly with your vendors to resolve any technical issues.

Antivirus & Security Software

Server and workstation security is absolutely necessary for all organizations. Properly functioning antivirus and security software is one important way to ensure that this security is in place.

Training & Guidance

Not all your employees will be well versed with your technology and software. When questions arise, our techs are readily available to provide them with the appropriate guidance.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Most workplaces utilize wireless for their employees and guests. We’ll be available to assist with setup, troubleshooting and getting laptops, smartphones, and tablets connected.

Endpoint & Firewall

Your organization’s network requires greater protection than a typical home. Utilizing a hardware firewall, or endpoint security appliance, fends off malicious attacks and malware.

Windows Server

Many organizations utilize Windows Server as a key piece of equipment to maximize their IT abilities. From file sharing to user management, a Windows Server environment can be very advantageous.

Software Applications

Organizations rely upon everything from word processors, spreadsheets, presentations and email applications. Our techs are familiar with it all.

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Most problems can be resolved with our remote services but in case there are unforeseen circumstances or you are not satisfied we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

All Technical Support Business Plans Include

Always Technical Experts

All our Technicians are certified and highly trained professionals. They go through in-house training and industrial inductions to keeps them up-to-date with latest trends, technologies and issues. We believe in one goal, of providing superior quality technical support to every business client.

Flat Rate Pricing

GeeksLink business services provide complete flexibility to chose the pricing that suites your business, size and requirements. The service is truly unlimited so that you can contact us as many times as needed without being charged a penny extra.

Quick Response Time

We know you are busy and having your technology working is imperative. We guarantee to provide you assistance during operating hours with quick response time and ensure quality of service with fast and comprehensive resolution to issues.

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